Rumor: Apple will launch 4.7-inch iPhone 6 in Sep, but 5.5-inch model later in the year

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014


Hmm, witch one to get?

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It seems to be the season for sketchy rumors, with Taiwan’s Industrial & Commercial Times (cited by EMSOne) claiming that the 4.7-inch version of the iPhone 6 will enter mass-production in July, suggesting the usual September/October launch date, while the 5.5-inch model will only do so in September, suggesting that it would go on sale close to the holidays.

It’s not the first rumor to this effect, with Reuters having suggested earlier this month that the 5.5-inch model would be released later in the year, saying that production difficulties with the larger screen were the reason, but with scant details from either report it’s difficult to ascribe too much credibility to the claim.

Consistent reports that Apple plans both a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch version of the iPhone 6 each have been backed by internal slides from Apple. The phone is expected to be released running iOS 8 with a focus on…

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The top 10 high quality, low-cost used cars through mechanics’ eyes | Motoramic – Yahoo Autos

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

The top 10 high quality, low-cost used cars through mechanics’ eyes | Motoramic – Yahoo Autos.

I’m glad that my favorite sports car is in the list, also its the only sports car. So does that say something about the car.

Hmm, Microsoft port Office to Apple’s iOS iPad!

Saturday, March 29th, 2014

Why did Microsoft port Office to Apple’s iOS iPad before Android?.

Got to read to see why Microsoft changed direction with Apple.

This is the room where the iPhone was born

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014


This is so cool to see!

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Ahead of the latest Apple-Samsung trial, Apple is sharing some of the details regarding the creation of the iPhone with the WSJ. As an aside, Apple also shared a shot of the secret windowless room where the original iPhone meetings took place. The nondescript room is where most of the design decisions for the original iPhone’s software were made and is called  “hallowed ground” to Greg Christie, who designs the software interface for products and one of the first members recruited to work on the device in 2004.

It doesn’t mean that the windowless room, lit by fluorescent lights hanging from the ceiling, looked like anything special. Christie recalled the walls had signs of water damage from a flood in an adjacent bathroom. A few images covered the walls including one of Apple’s “Think Different” posters of famous graphic designer Paul Rand and another of a large chicken running around without its head.

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Opinion: Why the upgrade cycle means the ‘Apple tax’ is lower than it seems

Friday, March 21st, 2014


This is why I switched 3 years ago and haven’t looked back!

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Photo: Photo:

I’m sure most of us have at some point had Windows- and Android-using friends ask us why we pay the ‘Apple tax’ – the price difference between an Apple product and what they perceive to be an equivalent competitor product.

A large part of the answer, of course, is that the competitor product isn’t equivalent at all. You can’t compare a MacBook with its premium materials, build-quality, high-spec components, screen quality and aesthetics with a low-end Windows laptop with plastic casing, low-spec innards and cheap and cheerful display. No more than you can compare an iPhone with a budget ‘droid. When you do genuine like-for-like comparisons with truly equivalent products, the Apple premium shrinks considerably.

But to get an accurate idea of the effective purchase cost, you also need to take into account both the replacement cycle and resale value … 

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Who would have guessed? Apple reportedly the most valuable Silicon Valley brand

Thursday, March 20th, 2014


This is interesting when it’s said that Apple is no longer innovative.

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brand-finance-us-500-2104*600xx817-1225-0-0 copy

According to a study uncovered today by the Silicon Valley Business Journal, Apple is the most valuable brand in all of Silicon Valley. The study, which was conducted by a consulting agency called Brand Finance, compared the value of 500 different brands to determine which one was worth the most. Each brand’s value was determined by “estimating the royalty rate that would be charged for use of the brand and factoring in future revenue.”

Much to no one’s real surprise, Apple was ranked the most valuable brand on the list, followed by Google and Microsoft in the second and third spots. According to the results of the study, Apple’s brand is worth $104.7 billion, or about 23% of its market cap. Google, ranked second, has a brand valuation of only $68.6 billion.

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Eddy Cue throws a pen at Haunted Empire/Yukari Kane’s accuracy, says story isn’t true

Thursday, March 20th, 2014


Glad it wasn’t true.

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Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 16.16.47

Tim Cook may have called the Haunted Empire book ‘nonsense’, but the derisive comments about the book from Apple executives do not end there. Personally, I found the pen-throwing anecdote too funny and decided to ask Cue whether it was true or not. I wasn’t really expecting a reply, but to my surprise he actually did.

I asked about the story’s truthfulness:

I am slightly obsessed with the anecdote about Jobs throwing a pen in your face. Is the story true?

Cue replied rather curtly:

No it’s not.

Hard to argue with a direct reply from Cue himself. The full extract from Haunted Empire can be seen below. You can find 9to5Mac‘s full review of Kane’s controversial book here.

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iOS 8: Apple works to further push iCloud as the future of the file system

Thursday, March 20th, 2014


I’m looking forward to this happening when it does.

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iCloud Image

When Apple introduced both iOS and iCloud, its goal was to eliminate the classic file system found in Mac OS X and make synchronization so seamless between devices that it “just works.” Nearly three years after iCloud’s introduction, Apple is still moving closer to this goal. The company is working on a pair of new iCloud applications for iOS as well as improved tools for developers to build iCloud-infused applications, according to sources with knowledge of these initiatives…

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